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5 Cozy Things to Do with Family This Holiday Season

Updated: 6 days ago

5 Cozy Things to Do with Family This Holiday Season

5 Cozy Things to Do with Family This Holiday Season...

As we head into the holiday season there’s a lot going on to prepare for the arrival of family. With the sun setting so early in the evening, and the temperatures getting colder, your thermostat is going up and blankets are coming out of the closet. Here are some of our favorite ways to stay warm and cozy with your loved ones.

Play Board Games

Board games are a great family activity because they get everyone off their phone for a little while and you can involve family members of all ages. Set up the game board on your kitchen tables or living room coffee table and have everyone gather around for a night of fun! Don’t forget to bring along some snacks and drinks, and maybe a cozy blanket or two!

Bake Cookies

When it gets really cold, your first instinct is to turn up the heat on your thermostat. However, if you’re trying to save a little money, you may not be able to afford that. Instead, turn on the oven and bake up some delicious treats to share with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and other special people in your life. Not only will this help keep you warm, it’ll also bring joy to your heart to do something nice for others.

Set Up a Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate is a favorite beverage this time of year, and many people have their own special recipes. From small marshmallows to big ones, candy canes to cinnamon sticks, there are hundreds of ways to dress up your favorite cup. Set up a bar in the kitchen with all the things someone would need to make their perfect hot chocolate, and enjoy this tasty treat exactly how you like it!

Take a Walk to Look at the Lights

So many houses and businesses are decorated with lights, lawn ornaments, and inflatable characters. Bundle up with your family (maybe even bring some hot chocolate to go) and take a walk around your neighborhood! Walking is great exercise, plus you’ll be able to slow down and spend more time taking in the magic of holiday displays. When you get home, snuggle up next to the warm air vent and share about your favorite displays.

Watch Holiday Movies

Of course, there’s nothing more classic than a night at home, snuggled up under a blanket on the couch, and watching some of your family’s favorite holiday movies together. Share some of your childhood favorites with the next generation, or start traditions with some new films this year. Either way, it’ll be a fun and cozy night for all.

Not Enough to Warm You Up?

If your home isn’t feeling so warm and cozy this season, in spite of your attempts to keep the heating system running well, please call AComfort of Griffin, GA. Some simple HVAC maintenance may be all you need to get the warm air flowing through your home again. And if something more complicated is involved, we can help with that, too. Give us a call at 678-435-9801 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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